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LIGAPAL is a french company established in Champagne region in 1964. LIGAPAL designs and manufactures products adapted to the specific requirements of Vine-growers and Winemakers.

Our Vineyard supplies :

LIGAPAL in compliance with the french Vine-growing industry has developed a full range of vineyard supplies that facilitate environmental sustainability.

- Trellising supplies for sustainable development
- 100% biodegradable paper-steel tying twines and ties
- Biodegradable Twist ties cut to length
- Biodegradable ties.
- LIGAPAL tying tool
- 100% biodegradable vine clip for vine tucking
- Organic foliar fertilizers
- LIGAFER: iron chlorosis treatment.

Our Winery supplies and equipment:

- Oenological supplies.
- Aphrometers: pressure checking systems for sparkling wine and steel wine
- Gauges for corks, crown caps, plastic shutters
- Gauges for bottle filling level
- Crown cap remover to disgorge Champagne and sparkling wine.
- Checking gauge for crown cap crimping.
- Checking gauge for bottleneck.

In order to ensure the best quality all our products are made in France.

The Vine

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The Wine

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