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100 % Biodegradable paper-steel twines for tying.

6 examples of paper-steel twines available to tie the vines.

1x36 1x36 lenght 230m 1x40 1x40 length 205m 1x44 1x44 length 216m
1x50 1x50 lenght 190m 1x60 1x60 length 190m 2x36 2x36 length 216m

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Each model, of a different strength, is chosen according to the vineyard pruning technique.
The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines can be used for vines, trees, vegetables and tree nurseries.
100% biodegradable and ecological our tying twines facilitate sustainable development.
The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines reduce the wastes in your vineyard.

Once in place the 1x36, 1x40 and 2x36 twines have nearly a 12 months lifetime.
Once in place the 1x44, 1x50 and 1x60 twines have between 15 months and 24 months lifetime.


- Economical.
- Eco-friendly.
- Adapted to all pruning methods.
- Do not contain glue.
- Easy to use.
- Improve tying efficiency.
- Adapted to all diameters of vine-shoots.
- Do not damage your vines.
- Do not need to be untied.


- Box of 36 reels.

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