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Chelates : iron chlorosis treatment

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Thanks to Its high concentration of EDDHA acid LIGAFER is extremely effective to treat iron chlorosis and to stimulate plant growth.
The EDDHA acid keeps the iron stable to all PH. So it is highly efficient in all types of soil, even highly chalky.
LIGAFER can be used as preventive or curative treatment, as curative treatment It has a wonderful grow “green again” effect.

LIGAFER is available in two forms:

LIGAFER PS: concentration: 6% of fe-EDDHA. Design micro-granulated for solution. Its high purity allows an instant dissolution and free dust operations

LIGAFER GR (pellet): Concentration: 1,2% of fe-EDDHA. For a dry spreading earlier in the season.


- Prevent and treat iron chlorosis of vines, fruit trees and vegetables.
- High concentration of EDDHA.
- Efficient in all type of soil.
- Grow "green again" effect

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