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100 % Biodegradable paper-steel twines for tying.

6 examples of paper-steel twines available to tie the vines.

1x36 1x36 lenght 230m 1x40 1x40 length 205m 1x44 1x44 length 216m
1x50 1x50 lenght 190m 1x60 1x60 length 190m 2x36 2x36 length 216m

Detail Ficelle Papier


Each model, of a different strength, is chosen according to the vineyard pruning technique.
The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines can be used for vines, trees, vegetables and tree nurseries.
100% biodegradable and ecological our tying twines facilitate sustainable development.
The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines reduce the wastes in your vineyard.

Once in place the 1x36, 1x40 and 2x36 twines have nearly a 12 months lifetime.
Once in place the 1x44, 1x50 and 1x60 twines have between 15 months and 24 months lifetime.


- Economical.
- Eco-friendly.
- Adapted to all pruning methods.
- Do not contain glue.
- Easy to use.
- Improve tying efficiency.
- Adapted to all diameters of vine-shoots.
- Do not damage your vines.
- Do not need to be untied.


- Box of 36 reels.

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LIGAPAL biodegradable vine clips

Agrafes Bois


Made from wood (without glue) our clips for vine tucking are the only one 100% biodegradable and not polluting.
Our vine clips facilitates environmental sustainability by reducing the wastes in your vineyard.
The wood used to manufacture our biodegradable vine staples come from sustainably managed forests.


- Do not slide along the wire.
- Vine clips 100% biodegradable.
- Do not contain chemical glue.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Will be degraded at the end of the season.
- Easy to put up.


Bags of 2500 units.

Certificates available:

- Raw materials tracking certificate for organic growing.
- Phytosanitary certificate for import formalities.

Vine clips video:

Download the product sheet

LIGAPAL Tying tool

Lieur Droit


The LIGAPAL tying tool and its spare parts are designed and manufactured in France by our people.
Our team always work on its life expectancy and its ergonomic. So our last model receives a wire cutter in hardened steel, and a rubber cushion on the trigger.
The LIGAPAL vine binder can be used to tie vines, flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, raspberries, blackberries.


- Cost effective: Acres cost price lower than all other tying process.
- All diameter of vine shoot can be tied.
- Robust.
- Easy to maintain.
- All type of LIGAPAL ties can be used.
- Improve user efficiency by 30%.
- Reliable mechanism.
- The french most common tying tool.

The LIGAPAL vine binder is available for right-handed person (green) and left-handed person (red).

Lieur Droit 2 Lieur Gauche

Purpose principles:

- Step 1: Circle the vine shoot and the support wire with the LIGAPAL twine.
- Step 2: While holding the twine with the free hand, put the hook at the place of the loop, pull and the knot is done.
- Step 3: The hook comes back in place automatically due to a spring.
- Step 4: Cut the twine with the wire cutter of the binder.

At the end of the season the twine will be degraded.


- Oil regularly the hinge of the wire cutter (Do not use grease).
- Clean the binder after each use by removing the wood particles from the mechanism.
- If necessary replace the springs of the wine binder.

NB: DO NOT cut anything else other than LIGAPAL twines with the wire cutter of the binder.

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Repairing Kit for vine binder

Kit Réparation


The Kit contains:

- One traction spring
- One compression spring
- Two pins
- One washer


- Improve the life expectancy of the LIGAPAL Vine binder

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Reel Carrier



Unwinding upper or lower face. Easy to carry thanks to the belt clip.


- Makes easier reel carriage.
- Protects reels.

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Dispenser of twist ties. The distriliens contains ties of LIGAPAL paper-steel twine cut to length of 15 cm.
Made in corrugated cardboard the Distriliens is light and robust.
The ties and the packaging of the Distriliens are 100% biodegradable that facilitate environmental sustainability.
Our twist ties dispenser is the perfect aid for vine growers, nurseryman or market gardener.


- Ready to use.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Friendly user packaging.
- Adapted to all growers needs.
- Do not contain any glue.
- Diameters available: 1x36, 1x40, 1x44, 1x50, 2x36


- Eco-friendly packaging.
- The LIGAPAL Distriliens contains 1000 ties.
- Sold in box of 60 Distriliens.


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LIGAPAL Twist ties



Our twist ties are 100% biodegradable.
The LIGAPAL twist ties have been especially designed for vines, vegetables, blackberries, raspberries and fruits that needs to be tied.
The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines of a diameter of 0,40 or 0,36 millimeter are cut to lengths of:

- 35 cm
- 45 cm
- 55 cm
- 60 cm


- 100% biodegradable twist ties.
- Facilitate environnemental sustainability.
- Easy to use.
- Will be degraded at the end of the season.
- Do not contain any glue.
- Adapted to growers expectations.


- Twist ties packaged by 1000.

NB: The LIGAPAL twist ties are available in several diameters on demand.

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Finger protection

Protège-Doigt Accueil


Protects your finger during the tying operations.

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